Key Recommendations

The SG Scorecard and our results could be utilized by many stakeholders including boards and managements of companies, investors, regulators, civil society organizations, academia, and the representatives of the press for peer learning, identifying good examples, improving accountability and investment decisions.

Boards & Management

  • Utilize the SG Scorecard to have guidance about how to support supply chain and life cycle coverage.
  • Motivate business leaders to peer learning via good practices of Global Sustainability Leaders.
  • Describe and clarify how to build trust, alleviate risks, drive innovation and consequently grow faster, engaging with the SG Scorecard.


  • Motivate business world to take action about sustainability of the planet.
  • Promote end to end value chain approach about SDGs.


  • Provide guidance for regulators to benchmark country good practices to improve value creation and reporting quality.
  • Motivate learning from peers via promoting successful practices provided by global regulators where there is an evidence of enhancement in reporting.
  • Utilize the SG Scorecard to assess the achievement of various implementations.

Civil Society Organizations

  • Create value to long-term goals by promoting the SG Scorecard.
  • Raise awareness for the SDG’s on consumers and communities’ level.
  • Assist the organizations on how to support their goals with SDGs.