In this report we present a how-to guide on governance of sustainability and provide peer-to-peer learning opportunities based on good practices shared by the Global Sustainability Leaders on how they approach their sustainability efforts. Further analysis, best-practice examples and recommendations for each category of sustainability governance is presented in the relevant chapters throughout the report.

Argüden Governance Academy

Argüden Governance Academy is a non-profit foundation dedicated to improve the quality of “governance” by increasing trust for the institutions to help build a better quality of life and a sustainable future.

Academy’s Purpose is: Improving quality of life and sustainability of the future. Its Mission is: Improving quality of governance to improve trust for organizations. Its Vision is: Being ‘a center of excellence’ for development and widespread adoption of good governance culture. And the Target Audience is: Leaders of private sector companies, NGOs, public institutions, and international organizations; as well as individuals of all ages, from 7 to 77.

The Academy conducts education, research, and communication activities, and collaborates with local and international think-tanks, NGOs, and organizations to promote good governance.

Argüden Governance Academy is committed to play a pioneering role by adopting “Integrated Thinking” and “Good Governance Principles” in all its work and stakeholder relationships.

The Academy aims to:

  • Ensure that good governance is adopted as a culture,
  • Raise the understanding of “the key role of good governance in improving quality of life and sustainability of the planet”,
  • Guide the institutions by developing methods to ease the implementation of good governance principles,
  • Inspire future leaders by promoting “Best Practices” of good governance,
  • Increase the next generation leaders’ experience of good governance,
  • Disseminate global knowledge and experience at all levels of the society with a holistic approach,
  • Become “the right cooperation partner” for the leading institutions in the world by creating common solutions for global issues.

The Academy advocated “Integrated Thinking” during Türkiye’s presidency of the G20 and adopts this culture in all its activities.

Argüden Governance Academy became the first non-governmental institution in the world to report its work as an Integrated Report since its founding.

The Academy has been accredited by the Council of Europe to lead the awarding process of the European Label of Governance Excellence in Türkiye.

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