The Sustainability Governance Scorecard© (SGS) is an impact-research conducted to help improve the state of the world by speeding up learning from peers. SGS does not aim to measure the companies’ sustainability performance but seeks to identify how the best companies govern and conduct their sustainability efforts. It is intended to be utilized as an improvement tool for better governance of sustainability issues and presents best-practice examples of various sustainability governance steps to accelerate learning.

Executive Summary

The global nature of problems we face requires a more holistic, stakeholder-centric, and long-term impact-oriented view of the role of the corporation in today’s society. The corporations’ response to emerging sustainability challenges will determine not only their long-term viability and competitiveness, but also the viability of the planet and its inhabitants. To achieve this, companies need to embark on a broad transformational change journey and lead the way in re- evaluating their traditional performance models to encompass ESG issues and ecosystem-level thinking for a more sustainable future.
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200 Companies Evaluated from 7 Countries and 10 Sectors